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We can help you make growth and change a reality. Our one on one coaching will guide and support you in achieving your dreams.

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No job too big. Or too small. Our focus is helping you achieve your dreams.

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Our companies are built upon the philosophy that by providing the highest level of personalized service combined with experience, intimate knowledge and mindful intention we will help our clients achieve the positive change, growth and goals they desire.
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Robert Cass

Rob is a native of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

He entered the tourism industry at the age of 12 and worked his way up through the various areas within hospitality industry including food and beverage, golf, ski, hotel, resort, salon and spa operations. His 23 years of experience of working with entrepreneurs has provided Rob the progressive and creative mindset required to make meaningful and productive change quickly and efficiently.

Julie Adamo Cass

Julie is a native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Since an early age Julie has been entrenched in the hospitality industry. This has allowed her the opportunity to be involved in the hospitality business in many areas including, Spa, Catering, Sales, Golf, and Ski.

Rob at Spaformation was able to help me find where we were losing money and help develop a plan of action to move forward and be profitable. I would highly recommend Spaformation whether you have been in business for years like we have, or if you are brand new. Definitely well worth the money.

- Tanya Horricks